“Damon Jones is one of the best trainers I’ve personally worked with. A man of great character who truly has a passion for basketball and a passion for making others around him better. He has a high basketball IQ and has worked with many different players on all levels increasing his knowledge of the game. A good friend of mine who has always looked out for me and know I can reach out to him if I ever need anything.” 

- Hunter Hale,

NBA Draft Prospect (Winthrop University)

“Working out with Damon Jones pushed me to be the best basketball player I could be. He has the mentality that pushes you to be elite in everything you do. On and off the court.” 

Jacob Polakovich,

University of Southern Indiana (Catholic Central)

“I always knew Damon had a passion for player development solely off the love he had for the game of basketball. Once being a player, he’s been in many different environments and played on many levels in order for him to see and experience the game differently and more effectively. He always wants to see his players shine. Therefore, you will be challenged every second he’s working with you. He helps turn weaknesses into strengths, and strengths stronger.”     

  - Jordan Bone,

Detroit Pistons

“It was fun working with Damon because he was a player like us and Damon could relate to how we felt on and off the court. Damon pushed us to be better players not just from a coach/trainer perspective but also as a friend and teammate! You made being a professional basketball player fun with your knowledge of the game and first-hand experience with the game of basketball”

- Todd Withers,

Grand Rapids Drive - Italy (Fortitudo Lavoropiù)

“When dealing with Damon you have someone that knows his stuff. This year Damon was a steady voice that never was too high or too low. Damon played his role and earned the respect from the guys from just being himself and I value that.”

Tra’Deon Hollins,

Fort Wayne Mad Ants (Grand Rapids Drive)

“When it comes to basketball skill development, Coach Jones possesses the perfect combination of top-level playing experience with an exceptional IQ to effectively teach the game. His practical approach is exactly what players need today if they want to, not only improve their skill set, but also apply it to in-game success.  His passion and work ethic for the game of basketball helped him lead his collegiate team to a championship and landed him a spot as a professional player overseas. I have great admiration for who he is as a coach and a mentor to his players.”

Greg Mitchell,

Hope College Head Coach